Distracted Driver Accidents


Tesla Touchscreens: How Distracting Are They?

One of many sleek new features that Teslas boast is a large, single touchscreen panel that replaces the dashboard. This touchscreen acts as not only the dashboard screen that you’ll find in many new cars, but also holds all of [...]


Summer Driving Tips

For many, summertime means vacation and traveling to various places on their bucket list. While guidelines around the pandemic may affect travel plans this summer, driving safety is always something to keep top of mind no matter the reason or season. Summer weather brings different challenges and conditions to consider when hitting the [...]


Bike Week 2022 Fatalities

As Daytona Beach, Florida wrapped up their annual Bike Week last weekend, they were left with a 6th and final motorcycle fatality that week. Last year during Bike Week 2021, there were also 6 motorcycle related deaths related to the event. While it makes sense that there would be some fatalities during the world’s largest […]