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Distracted Driver Accidents | June 26, 2019

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King County Cops and Troopers Target Distracted Drivers

King County Cops and Troopers Target Distracted Drivers
Kiernan Hopkins

Distracted driving is against the law, nevertheless everywhere we look it seems like everyone is doing it.  Ok, maybe that’s a little of an exaggeration but think about it, how many times do you pull up to a stop sign or red light and look over to your right or left and see the person in the car next to you either talking on a phone or working their fingers and thumbs on a smart phone?

It is no secret that distracted driving kills.  In the past 3 years over 20% of all King County automobile accident deaths involve distracted drivers.

Over the next two weeks King County police and State Patrol are going after and focusing on busting distracted drivers, and not just for distracted driving while using a phone.  State Trooper Chris Webb states that, “this also goes beyond just the texting and cell phones, it could be people eating food, messing with the radio, maybe having a deep conversation and not paying attention to what they’re doing while driving.”

Police will be implementing spotters in unmarked cars who will be watching for distracted driving behavior and then calling ahead to patrol cars to pull the distracted offenders over.  Even the slightest errors behind the wheel like:  Weaving, not using your turn signal, not having good lane control, encroaching on another driver’s lane, will get you busted.

While it is not against the law to put on makeup and drive or eat and drive, it is illegal to swerve or cross the traffic lines while doing so.  To start the fine for these violations will be $124 for a ticket, but if you are involved in an accident, the fine will increase substantially.



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