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Driving Test Laws, Rules, and Regulations Across the Globe

Kiernan HopkinsKiernan Hopkins

Having the option to get behind the wheel of a car is a fantastic benefit that not everyone has. Driving isn’t just about getting from A to B, it gives a great freedom for adventure and to see new places that might otherwise be difficult or cumbersome to get to.

Countries have varying laws in relation to driving the roads. Some have very stringent measures in force to ensure that drivers at the learner stage will be taught well in order to ensure that they are a safer driver into the future. Having systems in place for learner drivers also makes the roads a safer place for fellow drivers as they (the learner drivers) won’t be allowed to drive until they have sufficient experience. Roads are a necessary infrastructure but they need to be respected by well-disciplined drivers who know what they are doing.

This infographic was sent to me from FA Wheels in the UK.  It does a good job of showing a visual portrayal of how people in different countries across the world obtain a drivers license in their respective country of origin. This infographic illustrates, compares, and contrasts the different laws, age restrictions, rules, and testing proceeders in different locations across the globe associated with how one goes about obtaining a drivers license.


No matter what country your in, how old you are, or how long you have had your drivers license, please remember to drive safe, stay alert of your surroundings, and don’t text and drive, or engage in any other form of distracted driving.


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