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How to Avoid Motorcycle Accidents


Riding a motorcycle and driving a car are completely different ways of transportation. Riding a motorcycle may be more fun than driving a car, but riding a motorcycle puts you at a much higher risk of injury or death if in an accident.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced rider, you can benefit from participating in a training course. Motorcycle training courses cover everything from how to avoid an accident, crashing safely if ever in the situation, and what to do after the accident. These courses are easily accessible with many now having online options.

Keep yourself and other motorists safe by properly gearing up, driving defensively, avoiding bad weather, and never drinking and driving.

Gear up.

You can only do as much as you can to avoid getting into an accident, but some things are based on the other motorists on the road. According to a West Palm Beach personal injury attorney, “ you cannot stop an automobile or truck from running you over,” so you have to stay aware of your surroundings and be prepared at all times. You may not have control of other motorists on the streets, but one thing in your control is what you are wearing while riding. 

Wear long sleeves and pants made of thick protective material. Wear protective eye gear, boots that cover your ankles, and most importantly wear a helmet.

Drive defensively.

On average, accidents that involve a motorcyclist are the non-motorcyclist’s fault. Being a defensive driver while riding will save your life.

Assume the other motorists don’t see you.

Many accidents occur between other motorists and motorcycles because the motorcyclist “came out of nowhere.” Riding a motorcycle makes you less visible on the road. Make sure you are driving outside of another motorist’s blind spot. Making sure they can see you at all times, even when they are changing lanes.

Don’t lane split.

Seeing an open space between cars that is big enough for you to fit between doesn’t mean you should take it. Especially while on the highway you will see many opportunities to go in between two lanes causing you to go directly in between two other moving vehicles. When lane splitting, the motorcyclist is normally going a lot faster than the other motorists that you would be lane splitting in between to pass. This causes many different problems. The other motorist is focusing on the car next to them and looking for the opportunity to change lanes. They see their opportunity and quickly get over. Getting over at their initial speed, without looking in between the lanes. Meanwhile, you’re lane splitting and all you see is the opportunity to get past these two motorists that are going slower than you. You take the opportunity and end up getting hit by the car that was switching lanes.

Lane splitting between two moving vehicles is dangerous, but lane split between a moving vehicle and a parked vehicle is just as dangerous. Parked vehicles may not be in motion, but the driver or passengers may be getting out of the vehicle. They swing the door open where they normally have room to do so, and the motorcyclist that is lane splitting goes full speed into the door. 

Stay in your lane.

Slow Down.

Just simply slowing down. Riding as fast as you can on the highway sounds like a fun time until you get into an accident. It is hard to be a defensive driver when you are going 30 mph faster than the motorists around you. Go the speed limit or the speed of flowing traffic.

Avoid bad weather.

Be on top of weather conditions for your trip. Avoid rain, severe cold weather, and extreme heat. If you are on a long trip during poor weather conditions, make sure to take breaks, slow down or stop at a rest stop if visibility is poor, or consider stopping somewhere for the night to wait for the weather to pass.

If you are riding in poor weather make sure you slow down, increase your following distance, and be aware of how the driving surface is changing as the weather changes. If it is raining, it is a good idea to pull over for 30 minutes to avoid driving on the things that are beginning to surface as rain begins. As the rain continues it should wash away debris making it safer to ride on. 

Don’t drink and drive.

This one may seem like a given, but motorcycle riders involved in fatal crashes due to alcohol-impaired drivers were found to have the highest percentage (25%) over other vehicles. It’s not worth it, call a rideshare like Uber or Lyft instead.

Avoiding Motorcycle Accidents

As seasons change into warmer months you will see more and more motorcycles on the road. So whether you are the one riding or another motorist on the road, make sure to stay vigilant of all vehicles. 


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