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New Year’s Eve Drunk Driving Statistics

Josh BlackburnJosh Blackburn

Here we are, coming to the end of another year. When one year ends and another one begins, it brings the New Year’s Eve party, which tends to bring drinking and driving. 

We are going to go over New Year’s Eve drunk driving statistics, maybe this article will find its way to someone who should see this and hopefully we can lower the stats. 

How many fatal drunk driving accidents happen on New Year’s Eve

From 2013 through 2018, a study was conducted to find the fatal accidents on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

The findings:


Really eye opening numbers, and Greg Bentley, a car accident lawyer in Orange County and Mission Viejo, California; said “ When the New Year starts, we always dread receiving the phone calls of the victims who were involved in these accidents.”

The Crash Stats By State 

These numbers represent the amount of crashes per 100,000 licensed drivers in these states.

The 5 states with the highest crash states – making them the most dangerous – were:

  1. Mississippi (1.44)
  2. Oklahoma (1.32)
  3. South Carolina (1.25)
  4. Wyoming (1.19)
  5. Texas (1.18)

Contrary, the states with the lowest crash rates were:

  1. North Dakota (0.18)
  2. Delaware (0.26)
  3. Rhode Island (0.27)
  4. Minnesota (0.36)
  5. Vermont (0.36)

As you can see, it is a very dangerous time to be on the road. There is nothing wrong with partying for the holidays, but you owe it yourself and the other drivers on the road to not drink and drive. 

Plan Ahead to Prevent Drunk Driving

If you plan to drink this year for the holiday, make a plan ahead of time. Make arrangements to stay at the party, or get a ride to your final destination that night.

Maybe you would be lucky and not get in an accident, but you are increasing your chances and also the risk of getting a DUI.

That would be a fun way to start the new year, and probably pretty expensive too. 

Stay Safe and Have Fun

Whatever it is you decide to do to celebrate the New Year, have a plan of what you will do and how you can avoid becoming a statistic.

We all get excited about a new year, a time to make some changes and improve, so give yourself a chance to enter the New Year alive and well. 



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