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Should I Post on Social Media About My Car Accident?

Natalie PadillaNatalie Padilla

Car accidents can be a traumatizing and devastating experience. If you were in a car accident, you may want to share your experience with your loved ones through a social media post. It is important to consider the potential implications of posting photos of your car accident or details of your injuries online. In this blog post, we discuss the pros and cons of posting your car accident on social media and how this social media post can affect your car accident claim.


What Are the Pros For Posting Your Car Accident on Social Media?

Promoting Safe Driving Habits

When you share your experience of being in a car accident on social media, you remind your followers that driving can be dangerous. You may even share details of the car accident in your caption. Some details of your story will remind your followers to drive safely every single time they are on the road. By sharing your story, you can help your friends and family avoid the type of car accident you were in.

Emotional Support

After a car accident, you may be experiencing emotional distress and may need comfort from your loved ones. When you share your experience on social media, your friends or family write kind remarks in the comments section of your post or directly message you. They may share their own experience being in a car crash or simply offer support during such a difficult time. Social media has the ability to provide a sense of community and connection for your loved ones that live far away from you.

What Are the Cons For Posting Your Car Accident on Social Media?

Social Media Posts Can Negatively Impact Your Claim

The Milwaukee car accident attorneys at Cannon & Dunphy S.C. advise against posting your car accident on social media because it can become evidence against your claim. Even if your social media account is private, lawyers and insurance companies can request this information in court. They will use your photos, videos, and captions on the social media post against you. They can question the severity of your injuries and try to reduce your compensation or argue that your claim is fraudulent.

Privacy Concerns

When you post anything on social media, you compromise your privacy. Insurance companies and car accident attorneys may use your posts to obtain information you may not want them to have. For example, you may have posted in the past about your difficulty focusing during work hours. Lawyers can take this information and argue that your difficulty to focus was a pre-existing condition rather than a symptom of your traumatic brain injury from the car accident.

Considering the pros and cons, it is evident that the risks of posting your car accident on social media outweigh the potential benefits. Although social media may provide emotional support, it can potentially ruin your car accident claim. In order to protect yourself and your car accident claim, we believe it would be best to avoid posting about the incident completely.

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