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Steps To Get Back A Suspended License


Having your license suspended can really throw a wrench into anyone’s typical day-to-day activities. This is especially true if an individual is reliant on using a vehicle to get around for necessary reasons such as getting to work, going to the store, running errands, and even socializing. No longer having the legal privilege to drive can be a pain, and having to rely on friends, family, the public transportation system, and more can prove to be harder than most people think. Here, we want to discuss the multiple steps an individual can take to get their license back and take control of their freedom of transportation once again. 

Reasons A License Gets Suspended

Licenses get suspended for a number of reasons, but rarely are they suspended for no reason at all. If you don’t know the reason your license has been suspended, or you misplaced the letter that details the suspension reason, contact your state’s DMV, or access the information through their website. There will be a detailed record of your license information and suspension period/reasoning. Below are common reasons drivers get their license taken away:

Appeal Your License Suspension

If your license has been or could be suspended, you might be able to appeal the suspension and get your license reinstated. Before you do this, consider whether you meet the prerequisites for an appeal. In some states, getting a DUI means you do not have the right to appeal the suspension. Some states operate on an appeal deadline basis. It’s best that you get to work immediately on your appeal, if one is available to you, in order to comply with your state’s requirements for one. In order to do this, check your local DMV website for information about appeals. 

Apply For a Restricted Driver’s License

If you find your license has become suspended, it is encouraged that you apply for a restricted driver’s license. For the most part, a restricted license can be obtained following a DUI-related suspension that allows for an individual to drive under certain restrictions such as going to and from work or DUI classes. However, to obtain a restricted license, there are four steps that must be completed which are:

However, there are instances in which an individual may not be eligible for a restricted license. These are intoxicated drivers that:

Request a Hearing

Requesting a hearing is yet another tactic an individual can use after having their license suspended and hopefully lighten your sentence. The purpose of the hearing occurs in front of an administrative judge can can help address several issues including:

If you believe that your license was wrongly suspended, the DUI attorneys at Dolan + Zimmerman highly recommend that you request a hearing so you have a chance to defend yourself. Requesting a hearing is easier than most people think, with information provided at the bottom of the temporary license you are provided immediately after following your arrest, 

Contact a Lawyer

In cases where an appeal is denied, unavailable to you, or the process of proving your innocence is highly complex, the presence of a legal professional might be your way out. License suspension attorneys at Corso Law Group note that there are many times where a driver is facing serious criminal penalties for violating the terms of their license suspension without even knowing. If you’re in this situation, representing yourself in court is a lot harder to come out of than with the help of a lawyer. Most lawyers offer free consultations, so take your time making sure you’re hiring an attorney you can rely on.


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