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Top 5 Dangerous Roads in Wisconsin


A recent study  analyzed not only the most dangerous roads in Wisconsin, but specifically the five-mile stretches of road that have had the most fatalities in the past 20 years (2000-2019). Using data from the NHTSA, the report examined the number of fatal crashes as well as the total number of total fatalities.

Four of the top five deadly roads are located in Milwaukee, which makes sense considering it’s the city with the largest population. All five stretches of road have an intersection with another busy road, so the high traffic obviously increases the risk of collision.

Of course fatal collisions can happen anywhere in Wisconsin, but it’s helpful for drivers to be aware of the roads where fatal crashes occur the most.

1) SR-190 in Milwaukee

Between the exits for State Route 100 and W Hopkins St.

There have been 19 fatal crashes resulting in 23 deaths along this stretch over the 20 year period examined.

2) SR-59 in Milwaukee

Between the exits for S 1st St and S 76th St.

This stretch of road has seen 17 fatal collisions and 18 deaths. It’s close to a busy intersection leading to the state fairgrounds, city hall, and more.

3) US-51 in Madison

Between the exits for Anderson Rd and SR-30.

This road stretch is very close to the second deadliest road, with 17 accidents and 17 deaths.

4) I-90 in Janesville

Between the exits for 171B and 177.

This 5-mile stretch of road actually has the second highest number of fatalities, 19, from only 16 crashes. Nearby are some highway interchanges and large stores like Walmart and Home Depot.

5) I-94 in Milwaukee

Between the exits for 305A and 310B.

The fifth most deadly stretch of road is close to more highway interchanges as well as the Milwaukee zoo and several golf courses.

Common Causes of Fatal Accidents

Now that we know the most dangerous roads, it’s time to examine why these fatal crashes occur. Serious car collisions that result in a fatality are often the product of reckless driving. This can include speeding, following other cars too closely, drunk driving, or road rage incidents. Other common causes are texting while driving and driving illegally, such as making an illegal U-turn or driving the wrong way down a road. Additionally, young inexperienced drivers have been known to cause fatal accidents due to lack of driving skills. Finally, two potential causes of fatal accidents that are not the fault of the driver are bad weather and vehicle defects. Sometimes a faulty car part like brakes or tires can cause a serious crash, as well as heavy rain or snow causing bad visibility.

Remember to drive the speed limit, stay aware of your surroundings, and be extra careful when driving on these five roads.


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