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17 Ways You Can Diffuse Road Rage in Kentucky

Brenda ElazabBrenda Elazab

With more and more motorists throughout the country spending well over an hour on their daily commutes, it’s understandable that drivers occasionally get frustrated participate in some form of aggressive behavior throughout their life. However, the increasing amount of violence, gun presence, and even death in recent years shows the severe consequences that aggressive driving and rage can lead to. 

In Kentucky, motorists ranked in the nation’s top 10 states for the worst road rage. Louisville car accident lawyer Ethan Manning argued that road rage is one of the most preventable sources of injury on Kentucky roads. Dangerous driving behavior proven to lead to roadway fatalities in Kentucky is typically the type of behavior that incites ‘rage’ among other motorists. In fact, speeding and distracted driving are the two driver behaviors that are most likely to lead to a roadway fatalities. Similarly, studies have found that these two factors are most likely to incite road rage across the U.S. 

Since 2015, aggressive driving incidents have nearly tripled. Not only have they risen in frequency but they’ve also become more aggressive, as many incidents have led to gun violence and even murder.

Fortunately, there are many ways in which you can avoid becoming involved with an aggressive driver. Below are 17 tips that will help you navigate road rage and ensure your commute is rid of rage (at least on your end).

17 Tips to Avoiding a Road Rage Accident

  1. Don’t take other driver’s actions personally
  2. Avoid making eye contact with an aggressive driver
  3. Increase the distance between the car in front of you
  4. Be aware if you’re participating in behavior that incites road rage
  5. Only use your horn when necessary (and use sparingly)
  6. Listen to music you enjoy
  7. Avoid speeding or driving in a reckless manner
  8. Avoid aggressive or inflammatory gestures
  9. Realize when you’re feeling rage and settle down
  10. If you feel you’re beginning to experience road rage, recognize your rising anger and take time time to calm down.
  11. Resist the urge to retaliate
  12. Count until you calm down
  13. Make sure to wear your seat belt
  14. If confronted with an aggressive driver, ignore them.
  15. Don’t block the passing lane
  16. Let that parking space go
  17. Call the police if the driver’s aggressive behavior becomes dangerous

For more tips and information on ways you can diffuse road rage in your commute, visit the Department of Motor Vehicle’s website.

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