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What to do About Distracted Drivers? And The Survey Says…

Kiernan HopkinsKiernan Hopkins

Recently a survey conducted by State Farm reported that an average of 25% of drivers browse the web while behind the wheel of their automobile.  This percentage has almost doubled since 2009.  After this survey was conducted the question of (What to do about distracted drivers?) was asked the public on Twitter and Facebook.  Below are some answers that people gave to this question.

I see this behavior most every day commuting to work. Usually it’s younger drivers. Yesterday, I saw a young guy doing about 30 mph in a 45 mph zone drifting back and forth in his lane while the rest of us were trying to get past him. As I went by, his head was firmly fixated on his phone.

— David Hale

Make punishments harsher. You’re putting other people’s lives in your hands. (no pun intended).

— @hurrduhdurr

USA TODAY’s article also talks about people accessing the Internet. That doesn’t necessarily mean surfing (“1 in 4 surf Web while behind the wheel,” News, Nov. 12). If I use Google maps with voice directions (i.e. hands-free, not looking at the screen), I’m accessing the Internet, but I’m not surfing the Web.

— Thomas R Dean

Increased patrol and increased penalties will hopefully make this number go down. Treat distracted driving like a DUI; then people will stop.

— @PolRel

If you text/surf while driving, the offense should be treated like a DUI. You deserve to lose your license.

— Ken Raymond

Shame these drivers. Those found texting while driving should be required to have the license plate IMATXTR for six months.

— @mhenderson33

To stop distracted drivers, revoke driving privileges and publicly shame them. You have an obligation to all other drivers to be responsible.

— @mustang_will

Story was originally found on USAToday.com

Too see more answers from the public follow USA Today on Twitter: @USATOpinion

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