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How To Safely Drive In The Rain

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Although for most of us driving is second nature, getting in a car is still probably the most dangerous thing you do each day. According to the Association For International Road Travel, “Approximately 1.35 million people die in road crashes each year [and] on average 3,700 people lose their lives every day on the roads.” As if driving at high speeds, avoiding hazards, and trusting other drivers isn’t dangerous enough, when you add rain to the occasion, it can make driving that much more treacherous. Luckily, there are some things you can do to make sure you aren’t another casualty of a rainy day car accident

Check Your Car’s Equipment 

While double-checking to make sure that everything on your car is working should be standard procedure whenever you get behind the wheel, it’s even more important if it’s raining outside. Making sure that all of your lights work, your tires aren’t balled, and the car is running smoothly is what could save you from an accident. If it turns out there is something wrong with your car that might make driving more dangerous, be thankful that we live in the era of rideshares or call up a friend. You don’t have anything to prove by pressing your luck.

Plan Around The Weather 

Of course, it’s not possible to fully predict the weather, these days, we have a basic idea of what’s going to happen. If you know that the worst of a storm is supposed to hit at a certain time, the best idea would be to plan around it so you don’t find yourself on the road at the worst time possible. Even if this means waiting around another hour for the storm to pass, nobody is going to give you flack for not wanting to drive in conditions that could possibly threaten your life. Trust us, whatever it is you need to do can wait 

Be Wary Of Large Puddles

Unfortunately, when it’s raining, the water falling from the sky isn’t the only thing you have to worry about when on the road. If it’s been raining hard or long enough, puddles of standing water will begin to form on the street. If your tires make contact with these puddles going fast enough, it can bring about a whole other hazard known as hydroplaning. Car and Driver describe the phenomenon as “a dangerous driving condition that occurs when water causes your car’s tires to lose contact with the road surface.” In turn, the driver can lose all control of the vehicle. If you do find yourself hydroplaning, stay calm and slowly take your foot off of the accelerator and gently turn in the direction you want to go. Depending on the size of the puddle, your tires should find traction on the ground within seconds. 

Slow Down 

This may seem like an obvious piece of advice, but there are still some people that refuse to drive slower when it’s raining. Not only does this put themselves in danger, but others as well. Rainy conditions make any trip in the car all-around more dangerous. The roads are wet, people can’t see as well, and the roads naturally become more chaotic. So, to try and ease some of the tension, try lowering your speed just a little to greatly decrease your chances of an accident from happening. Even if people get frustrated because you aren’t going as fast as they like, you’re being the responsible one. 

If You Do Get In An Accident 

If you do happen to get into an accident in the rain, it’s important to remain calm and follow the advice suggested by the accident lawyers at DuBois Law Group. Once you are out of immediate danger, your next move should be to contact a car accident attorney. They’ll review your case and help you reclaim any damages that are rightfully yours. Especially for an accident that happened in the rain, having a car accident lawyer on your side can help simplify the process and ensure that you are fairly represented. 

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