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Officers Struggle to Enforce Texting While Driving Laws

Kiernan HopkinsKiernan Hopkins

Ten taps. That is the amount officers are using to determine if a person is texting versus simply dialing a phone number. Ten taps. A number has seven, so if you screw up more than once you might be accused of texting. If you enter the area code, you have hit the ten tap accusatory limit.

While officers fully acknowledge the “unscientific” method, they argue back that there is not much more for them to do when trying to figure out when someone is texting, which is against the law, and when someone is typing a phone number, which is not against the law. Even with the new laws in place that have prohibited texting while driving, the problem continues to exist as about 3,000 people in 2010 were killed because of distracted driving. If they cannot find a way to enforce the law, the problem could continue to get worse with so many adults and teens not just owning cell phones, but becoming more obsessed and attached to them.

Phones now can connect you socially to anyone, with facebook, twitter, instagram, and more all common applications of any newer phone. The law allows you to talk on the phone through Bluetooth, but with more and more people texting instead of talking, that law has become almost obsolete and mainly just a defense against getting cited for texting and driving. In short, it is almost impossible for a policeman to successfully prevent texting and other illegal phone activities while driving even though they are clearly a huge part of a driver’s routine and the resulting fatal accidents.

Judges and prosecutors agree with the police, saying that, although it is rare for someone to try and defend a texting while driving citation because it is only a $50 charge and does not affect your driving record, when someone does choose to, they are usually successful due to the fact that it is hard to prove that they are not just typing a phone number and that the way to prove this, a warrant, is impractical in such a small case. Judge James Motznik argues that the only way real way to eliminate texting while driving is to ban all hand-held devices. He says that “it is difficult for an officer to determine if someone is texting or making a phone call, but an officer shouldn’t have to.”

The progression of technology has attracted a huge reliance on it as well. For some people, they cannot even drive a few miles without having to check their phone, and as any officer or medic will tell you, that is all it takes to get into an accident. Perhaps the only solution is the complete ban on all hand-held devices while driving which would mean the only way to use your phone would be through the Bluetooth services.

Such a drastic solution is catching momentum with law makers, but even so, the problem remains and is still growing. Thus, you should be prepared to handle this increasing problem and the unnecessary distracted driving accidents that occur because of it. Retain a personal injury attorney who can represent you in your case against such negligence. The right distracted driving accident attorney can make sure that the injury you sustained does not evolve into a financial hardship and that you are properly compensated for. It is never too soon to be prepared.

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    I was dialing using a saved number. Cop pulled me over and stated it against the law to use a cell phone while driving. Really? The citation reads “using a cell phone while driving.” He cited the texting while driving statute on the ticket but made no mention of texting to me or on the ticket. What a dork. $150 fine in GA. Lilburn GA – home of the rinky dink police force. I’m fighting it but its rigged city court. Their only function is to raise revenues for broke town full of illegal immigrants. Uh your honor the law does not support this charge. Oh also have my phone records showing I was not texting – anytime that day! I hate texting. Now I take a good look around before I use my phone. Welcome to the Police State USA.

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