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Worcester County District Attorney Puts on “Distracted Driving” Program

Kiernan HopkinsKiernan Hopkins

Hundreds of teens and concerned parents gathered at the Webster-Dudley Boys and Girls club in Worcester County, Massachusetts Tuesday for a distracted driving community out reach program.

The event, which was initially started in response to a teenage girl who lost her life while texting and driving, is just one of the many programs put on by District Attorney Joseph D. Early.

The goal is to educate and increase awareness to the citizens of the community of the growing dangers of distracted driving. Tuesdays presentation covered everything from driving under the influence and applying make up while driving, but its biggest emphases was on the growing distraction that is mobile device use amongst drivers.

Amongst the speakers was Assistant District Attorney Jeffrey T. Travers who showed participants several AT&T ads created to deter texting while driving like this one below…


“It takes an average of five seconds to type ‘LOL’,” said Tavern after showing the videos. “If you were traveling at 60 MPH, you will have traveled the length of a football field before you have even looked at the road.”

Additionally, speakers urged students and their parents to always buckled up, never drink before driving, and lock their cellphones in the trunk if they have to, for no text message is ever worth the life of a loved one or your own.

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