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Steps to Take After Being in an Uber Accident

Melissa VargasMelissa Vargas

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There’s no question that Uber has changed the world with transportation. When you order an Uber from your smartphone, the last thing you expect to happen is getting into an accident. However, accidents do happen with Uber and other Rideshare companies. Sometimes, the Uber driver is at fault, and other times it’s another driver.

Whatever the case may be, it’s important you are prepared and know what steps to take should you ever find yourself in this unfortunate situation. A Dallas rideshare accident lawyer from a personal injury law firm states these following steps are crucial to take in an Uber collision:

Make Sure Everyone Involved is Okay

 First thing first: make sure all parties involved are okay. Being in an Uber car accident can be emotionally and physically stressful. Check around your body to see if there are any lacerations and move at a slow pace when doing so. Victims often get whiplash from the impact of the accident. Parties involved in an Uber accident may feel okay in the moment of the crash, but feel the physical pain of it later. Be sure to constantly check up on yourself and the others involved. 

If you, other Uber passengers, pedestrians or anyone involved have severe injuries, immediately seek medical attention.

Call the Police

Depending on the severity of the accident, get in contact with the police. If there are serious injuries, it’s important to have emergency responders at the scene. 

Take Photos of the Accident

This step is extremely crucial. For insurance purposes, it is necessary to document everything possible from the accident. Uber drivers have their own, separate insurance that’ll cover them when the Uber application is active.

For your own benefit, take pictures of the accident in close detail. Every dent and scratch are taken into account when dealing with insurers. If there are car pieces from the accident on the road, do not move it. Leave everything as is.

Get Everyone’s Contact Information

Aside from documenting photos of the accident, make sure to get everyone’s contact information that is involved. Exchange names, insurance companies, and even license plate numbers. The more information you have, the better the outcome will work in your favor.

Consider Talking to an Uber Crash Attorney

 Uber is a multi-billion dollar company that is infamous for disputing liability for accidents.If it gets more complicated with the insurers and Uber, consider talking to a = personal injury lawyer to get more information on a claim.

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