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What Happens If You Hit A Car That Is Illegally Parked?


Car accidents can happen in many different ways. For a lot of accidents, it’s challenging to prove without a reasonable doubt who was responsible for the incident. In some cases, drivers on both ends of the accident share the fault.

When it comes to hitting a parked car, different questions arise than normal car crashes. Often, the other driver wouldn’t be on the scene to exchange contact information. But who does the fault fall upon? Well, in some cases, both drivers share the liability.

Nevada follows a comparative fault law that allows you to recover damages in a personal injury case so long as one or more of the other parties were at least 50% responsible for the injury or accident. If the parked car was parked illegally and you struck it, the fault shouldn’t solely fall on you. In any case, consult with an expert Las Vegas car accident lawyer to understand your options and get answers to all your legal questions.

Who Is Liable For The Damage If The Car Was Illegally Parked?

In most common accidents, the person driving the car that struck a stationary vehicle would be liable for the damages. It’s the driver’s responsibility to avoid any obstacles they come across on the road.

However, if the stationary car that was struck was parked illegally, the liability gets a little more complicated. The state of Nevada uses a contributory negligence law. This means that two or more parties in an accident could share the fault for the accident and still recover damages.

In this case, questions regarding the position of the stationary car are going to unravel the amount of liability each party needs to take.

The owner of the stationary car might be partially at fault for failing to obey the rules of the road and parking illegally. The owner of the other vehicle could be found liable for driver distraction or negligence since he failed to avoid the crash.

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What To Do If You’ve Struck An Illegally Parked Car

All drivers on the road have duties to fulfill in the case of a car accident. State traffic laws in Nevada and across the country require drivers that are involved in accidents to remain on the scene and fulfill their full duties before leaving the scene. Failing to do so might risk a criminal charge of a hit-and-run.

If you’ve been involved in an accident with an illegally parked vehicle, follow these steps:


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