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Why You Should Always Take Photos After a Car Accident


You have probably been told that one of the first things you should do after a car accident other than ensure your own safety is to take as many photos as possible of the scene, and this is for good reason. After a car accident, especially a somewhat severe one, whipping out a phone/camera and taking photos of the scene isn’t exactly a primary instinct. Accident victims are often in shock, with adrenaline running, trying to process what just happened, and want to ensure the safety of their surroundings before doing anything else. In some cases, accident victims completely forget to take pictures at all, and end up regretting not having them while an injury attorney begins building a case. Taking pictures after a car accident contains value that is past just evidence, and this article will go through some of the benefits of doing so. 

First of all, it is crucial to know what the most important aspects of a car crash are to photograph. There are many facets to a car accident, but these areas are a good place to start: 

Full Scene



Before taking images of injuries, call 911 and ensure that you/others involved in the accident are not seriously harmed or in danger. 

Now that you have a better idea of some of the most important things to capture after a car accident, here are some reasons why these images can help tremendously in a car accident case:  

Photographs Can Help Determine Fault 

Pictures provided of the car accident are not only a form of evidence, but also an important form of story-telling. An attorney or investigator can gather loads of information about the logistics of a car accident through photographs, such as car position, damage, skid marks on the road, etc. Although a picture of the accident isn’t the primary factor in determining fault, it still helps by providing more information on how the accident came to fruition. 

Capturing Things That Might’ve Been Missed

With adrenaline often running high after a car crash, small details are almost always forgotten. Once the chaos of a serious car accident dies down, photographs of license plates, witnesses, and other details in the background will prove to be helpful while building a case. Pictures allow for details and other aspects of the accident to be discovered that would have otherwise been dismissed. 

Injury Proof and Development 

Images of the immediate injuries suffered after a car accident are a great asset while a car accident lawyer reviews your case. Injury photos help to prove the extent and severity of the injuries suffered, and can help immensely in strengthening a claim. Insurance companies will not be able claim that the injuries sustained were pre-existing. 

Always Make Sure to Take Accident Photos

If you are ever in any type of car accident, ensure that you take as many photos as you can. Accident photos can aid in strengthening your car accident claim, and help you recover financially, physically, and emotionally from the accident so you can move forward with your life.



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