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Canary App Goes Big Brother on Distracted Driving

Kiernan HopkinsKiernan Hopkins

Canary app gives detailed information about when a driver might be driving distracted

Distracted driving has evolved into the modern day arch-nemesis of safe driving. With phones becoming so irresistible that drivers, and in particular teens, cannot keep their attention away from them while operating their vehicles, more and more defense strategies are being thought up to try and combat the deadly epidemic.

Among those strategies is the iPhone and Android app, Canary. Once the app is installed on either of these two phones, it becomes a tracking monitor for distracted driving. For instance, a parent whose child had this app on their phone would receive a text anytime:

While this app does not forbid drivers from using their phone while driving, it does allow for parents to hold their teens accountable in the event they do drive distractedly.

The biggest drawback of this app and many others like it is that they are not mandatory or preinstalled. They are something our community has to actively engage in, which means that for now, only a small fraction of the population is actually doing. Furthermore, although these apps are a giant leap, the problem still remains and its end seems to be in no foreseeable future.

With this in mind, prepare you and your family for the worst and retain a knowledgeable accident attorney who can manage the legal and financial situation in the event you do suffer this unpredictable tragedy.

The right attorney will protect your financial future and allow you to more quickly move past this catastrophe.



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  • Janice
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    Janice Janice

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    Has anyone tried this app out? If a kid is driving and knows his mom will be alerted if he is using his phone, that would definitely cut down on their use.

    • Kiernan Hopkins
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      Kiernan Hopkins Kiernan Hopkins

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      I have not personally had a chance to use this app, but I have heard good things and also know of some other apps like this one out there that have successfully cut down on distracted driving, mainly with youths. I think that you make a good point “If a kid is driving and knows his mom will be alerted if he is using his phone”, I believe that apps like these are successful more because the fear of getting caught.

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