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The Future of Driving Looks Even More Distracted

Kiernan HopkinsKiernan Hopkins

This Audi drives itself while you cruise down the freeway reading a book

The world of smart phones has taken over this generation. Kids are getting them at a younger age, and the people are becoming more dependent on them. Just walking around crowded areas like the mall or sports venues, we have learned to be able to maneuver with our head down and both hands tied to our phone while we surf the web or check our Facebook.

This dominating trend will continue to grow as more and more people will own smart phones and those smart phones will continue to progress. Amongst this progression is there interaction with vehicles. Recently, most states have implemented laws that require drivers to use Bluetooth if they wish to talk or text while driving. While this hands-free application of the phone was meant to make driving safer, smart phone makers and automobile manufacturers have taken this car-phone integration as an opportunity invent new and more interactive uses of our phones through the vehicle.

At the recent Consumers Electronics Show, various manufacturers had the future of driving on display that will undoubtedly send the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration up in arms. Brands from Lexus to Chevy unveiled in-dash systems that were accessible to not just the basic functions of a phone, such as talking, texting, and even navigation, but more complex ones such as Facebook, audio apps, and even dating apps that give suggestions on places to go to meet people. In a sense, your car is becoming not just a means to get somewhere, but a mobile entertainment system that even offers dating advice. Bentley took it even a step further and presented their Continental GT convertible with a custom-built system that included video calling over a high-speed wireless connection.

With these functions seeming like obvious red flags and never to be approved, automobile industries are trying to counter the distractions they are providing by making the cars more self-driven. For instance, Audi revealed their plans to have their cars basically drive themselves with 360 degree cameras and radar that would sense pedestrians and other vehicles and react appropriately so that essentially, you could be stuck in traffic reading a book while your car kept you safe and en route.

Though all these nifty new gadgets are very intriguing, the reality of them is that they are contributing to another growing trend, one that has proven to be fatal, and that is distracted driving. Already, one of the most common reasons for why people are getting in accidents is because of the lure of their phone and the attention it takes away from the road. By making them more accessible, it will make a policeman’s job to monitor distracted driving harder while making the use of phones while driving more tempting.

Since it is unlikely that this probably is going to be ceased anytime soon, those who take to the streets should be inclined to prepare for the event they do unfortunately fall victim to such distracted driving. This preparation involves procuring a knowledgeable accident attorney who knows how to tactically litigate in the respected field of law.

If you are in an accident caused by such negligence, you are entitled to compensation that covers the resulting medical bills that can burden your finances. A skilled attorney will make sure this is the case and that you and your family is fully taken care of during your time of unnecessary troubles.

Know that when you have the right attorney on hand, you have someone you can trust to represent your needs and protect your financial future.

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