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Missouri High School Students Learn about Dangers of Distracted Driving

Kiernan HopkinsKiernan Hopkins


Monett High School, in Missouri showed the dangers of distracted driving through a docudrama played out in real life in front of them.  A program entitles “Dangers of Distraction” was presented by Merry and Ron Dye in the auditorium of the school.  The students then went outside to a parking lot where a simulated accident scene had been set up.  The docudrama included students playing the parts of witnesses and accident victims.  Members of the community, including the police and fire department were also involved in the scenario, making everything as real as possible for the students.  The onlookers were able to see the ”jaws of life“ rescue a victim and make up was used to make injuries more real.  The accident simulated the death of two participants, and the students read eulogies for those victims.  The lesson ended with a mother  who’s daughter had died while texting and driving share her experience.  Students were urged to sign a banner pledging not to text and drive.

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