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Who is More Distracted: iPhone Users or Android Users?


A new survey shows iPhone users are more likely to take part in distracted driving behaviors than android users. This is all based on a survey done by the Zebra, it revealed that out of 2,000 Americans polled, 51% of iPhone users said they text and drive, while 35% admitted to texting. When it comes to taking photos at least 33% of iPhone users say they do it while only 23% of android users say they take photos while driving. In addition, 27% of iPhone users said they browse social media, compared to 13% of android users, 10% of iPhone users admitted to watching youtube or other streaming apps to watch videos, while only 6% of android users say they do. Lastly, 8% of iPhone users say they stream shows while driving and 4% of android users say they do as well.

bar graph displaying distracted driving statistics by activity and mobile operating system

Even though this survey only looked at 2,000 participants it’s important to note that more than half admitted to taking part in one of the biggest distractions a driver can have. Texting and driving takes a driver’s attention for at least five seconds on the road, which sounds short, but it really means that you can drive a length of a football field with your eyes closed, if you text and drive while driving at least 55mph. In this distance, you could be responsible for causing a serious accident. According to personal injury attorneys, a driver could be found negligent if evidence of texting and driving is found, which could cause some serious problems for the driver responsible.

Now, if you look at the numbers closely 1,020 of iPhone users admitted to texting and driving, however, iPhones are more popular than androids, which means more than 50% of iPhone users were polled since the entire study was based on the answer of 2,000 Americans. These findings are interesting nonetheless, but it is important to consider the number of people polled when we look at a percentage that’s more than 50%. Ages of drivers also matter when it comes to distracted driving, from this survey, people between the ages of 24 and 34 said they felt a high degree of pressure to return a text as soon as it comes, that does include work-related messages/calls.

The study also mentioned other habits by drivers, for example, out of 2,000 people 56.7% admitted to eating and/or drinking while driving. In many states, including California, you can get pulled over and given a fine if seen drinking and/or driving.

State Data

Data gathered by Zendrive of 4.5 Million drivers show that out of all 50 states, Mississippi had the highest percentage of phone distractions while driving with 8%. Meanwhile, the state with the lowest percentage was Oregon with 5.2%. The top 5 states with the most time spent using phone while driving are:

  1. Mississippi – 8%
  2. Rhode Island – 7.7%
  3. Louisiana –  7.7%
  4. Oklahoma – 7.1%
  5. Connecticut – 7.0%

Car Accident Fatalities by Age Group

Taking into consideration the statistics above, injury data from the NHSTA shows that people between the ages of 24 and 34 years old are killed at a higher rate than other age groups in car accidents across the U.S. Behind that age group are drivers between the ages of 55 and 64 years old. The group with the lowest fatality rate, are children ranging from 5 to 9 years old. You can see data from all age groups on the chart below.

People killed in Car accidents by age group

Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of accidents in the United States, no matter what operating system you have, younger drivers are the most distracted and the most at risk of dying in a car accident, which is why this data is so important to remember and making a change is so important for the safety of others and yourself.


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